A Message to our Customers and Partners in Healthcare

Ontario Home Health and Mackhall Mobility are working hard to support the needs of our clients and system partners throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. We continue to adjust daily to new information and Public Health Directives. As you might imagine, it is impossible to draw a definitive line between what is essential and what is not. We are willing to work with each of you to find a way to help all who require it, so long as we can protect the health and safety of all involved. At this point, we are able to provide the following services:

·  Delivery of product if it can be done with no personal contact.

·  Equipment rentals if they can be done with no personal contact.

·  Equipment repair if it can be done with no personal contact. Equipment will need to be in a space that permits disinfection before repair. It will then be left in that space for retrieval by the customer and/or their caregiver.

·  Installations if they can be done with no personal contact.

·  Restricted access to our retail stores for essential needs.

Routine visits to all long-term care facilities, hospitals and other care facilities are suspended until Public Health officials deem that this type of service is once again safe.

ADP funded equipment:

As of March 24, 2020, Ontario's Assistive Devices Program has announced its temporary closing to help stem the spread of Covid-19 and will not be accepting applications for funding. They have provided no additional information related to processing changes that can impact the viability of equipment vendors and manufacturers. This temporary closing, along with anticipated increases in short- term equipment requirements, due to meeting the demands of expected hospital discharges from Covid-19 admissions, has forced us reluctantly to adjust to these significant resource constraints. For ADP funded devices, we are able to offer:

·  Attendance at ADP assessments only if this can be accomplished within the required two meters of social distancing.

·  Provision of trial equipment solely for assessment purposes. Equipment will NOT be left with the client.

·  Rental of suitable equipment until ADP resumes operations.

·  Phone consultation as required.

Oxygen Therapy and Respiratory Services

·  Routine patient assessment is suspended until further notice.

·  Requests for new home oxygen set-ups will continue with modified procedures.

·  24-hour emergency services continue.

Supply Chain Issues

Not surprisingly, manufacturers are experiencing an unprecedented demand for many commonly used medical devices. We have done our best to be proactive, but are learning daily of significant backorders for key products. Over the past two weeks, we have made a concerted effort to stock our regular customers with needed medical supplies. We are in the queue for purchasing of in-demand equipment. I would encourage customers and caregivers to notify us early if they have or anticipate the need for medical equipment or supplies. We will work hard to provide what is needed.

In the end, I couldn't be more proud of the team we have assembled at Ontario Home Health and Mackhall Mobility. Their safety and that of their families is my highest priority, and even in this chaotic time, they have made clear their desire to help our communities in any way we can. I am entirely open to your questions and feedback and can be reached directly at any time on my cell at 519-581-3645.

Thank You and stay safe!

Rick Gautreau