• Aquasense Ergonomic Folding Bath Seat


This ergonomic seat wins "best of category" for its practicality, sturdiness and comfort

Folds flat and is easy to store

Provides support for individuals who need to sit down while having a bath or a shower

Angled rubber tips for better bathtub grip

Flex-comfort backrest to ensure a safe and relaxing bathing experience

The seat has numerous small holes in it to let the water drain properly

Textured surface for secure seating

Adjustable height: 15" to 21" (38 to 53 cm)

Tool-free set-up


Fits effectively with almost any bath mat

Built-in dual-use side handles

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Aquasense Ergonomic Folding Bath Seat

  • Brand: DRIVE
  • Product Code: 770525
  • Availability: In Stock
  • C$132.50